Vincent van Gogh Paintings & Drawings Now Digitized & Put Online

Most of you who know me well know that one of my favorite artists is Vincent van Gogh. I know it is common to hear that now, but I don’t just love his work, his work influenced and informed my style, much of my color choice, and my use of marks. I enjoy how his vision could make the ordinary seem exceptional. His paintings and drawings never fail to hold me. I’ll never have the talent he had, but I’m glad he made such a big impact on my art and I’m thankful his work helps me express myself. Almost a thousand Vincent van Gogh paintings & drawings have now been digitized and are online to explore. Follow the link to the Van Gogh Museum.

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Farmington #NH #Historical Society Receives Donation: Seeks Other #School Items for #Preservation

Recently, the Farmington Historical Society received yet another priceless gift from a community member. Long time, local resident and active community volunteer, Dottie Bean gave a varied collection of Farmington Town Reports and Farmington School District Reports. town reports in the gift lot range from the mid-fifties to current years, the very decades the collection currently needs to acquire to have a complete set from the 1870’s through the early 21st century. Even if we come up short on more than a few years, this moves us much closer to that goal. Also, though fewer in number, the donated Farmington School District Reports are greatly appreciated as the society has so few representations in the collection.

This donation will add to the museum exhibits for culture, schools, buildings, businesses, and notable persons, as well as providing some information on births, deaths, and town statistics which can be invaluable for genealogy work. The donated items are in very good condition, which even if duplicated, will allow us to choose the best copies for archiving in the collection for posterity.

It is with donations like this that the society is able to continue to build and diversify documentation for the historical record and further develop understanding of our town and those who lived in it before us. We are extremely thankful for this gift from Dottie and welcome the opportunity to protect these historical treasures.

Members of the community have been so generous this year I hate to ask for anything else, but this is an important plea. Class photo cards and year books are terribly important markers for not only the people in them, but as representations for each generation and for the decade they are created in. We don’t have many class photo cards or yearbooks in the museum collection. As people pass on they are often thrown away or stored, never to be seen again. Every one we get has tremendous cultural value and increases what we know about our community.. If you can part with them we would love to have them as part of the permanent museum collection.

Kyle Leach, Curator

Farmington NH Historical Society

Museum of Farmington History

Late #Spring #Garden # Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH

I’m trying to catch up with all the garden photos I’ve taken so far this year. This set is mid to late spring. Most are shot in our gardens, but a few are from other places around town. Hopefully you will find them as rewarding to view, as I have in planting and taking care of them. Continue reading “Late #Spring #Garden # Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH”

Super #Summer #Solstice #Garden #Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH

Happy Solstice everyone! I hope these brighten your day, a little bit, no matter where you are in the world. Continue reading “Super #Summer #Solstice #Garden #Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH”

#Digital #Collections from The Metropolitan #Museum of Art Libraries

Excerpt about the collections:

The Thomas J. Watson Library is a world-renowned research collection with over 900,000 volumes. It is The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s central research library, and its mission is to support the research activities of the Museum staff; in addition, it serves an international community of scholars. Holdings reflect the Museum’s encyclopedic collections, with emphasis on European and American art, architecture, and decorative arts, ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Asian, and Islamic art, as well as an extensive collection of clippings and other ephemera relating to the Museum’s history.

The primary mission of the Watson Library Digitization Initiative is to expand access to the Library’s rare and unique materials by developing, supporting, and promoting a distinctive digital collection of these items.

The initiative will target materials that fall outside the parameters of other major digitization efforts, such as Google Books or the Internet Archive, and make them accessible to support the scholarly endeavors of Metropolitan Museum of Art staff and an international community of researchers.

Visit the Digital Collections from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Libraries


Visit Largest #Collection of #FridaKahlo #Art Ever Assembled

I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and all of the nights that I am away from you. Frida Kahlo

Visit the Faces of Frida exhibit

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Need Free Stock #Photos Full Of #Beauty & Inspiration? Try These


As an artist I can get stuck and need inspiration or help getting out of a pattern that isn’t going anywhere. Sometimes the easiest thing for me to do is to look at photography and let it take me somewhere.  Since I’ve blogged for a very long time, on multiple sites, I’ve also come up short sometimes with stock photos I could use for header graphics for posts. Here is a list of stock photo places I go to for inspiration. Most are completely free to use as you wish; a few require attribution, but I think that is a very small price to pay for free usage of someone’s art. At the very end of the list I am also including  the link to the Prelinger Archives which has 6600 free use films.  Enjoy exploring & using them!

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Arresting, Alluring #Art #FarmingtonNH

Earlier this month Farmington High School held their annual Student Spring Art Show for the year. Students were at the Farmington Recreation Center with their artwork for two afternoons. Some were working on pieces while everyone was taking everything in and others were there to answer questions. Every time we go to the show we are so inspired by the talent and creativity of the students. The event is one not to miss each year. Enjoy the photos!

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