Kyle- Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Curator, & Community Activist

This site was created to give me a space to talk about my most current art or craft creations and showcase my work and activities. It is also a place for me to express my love of writing, painting, photography, crafts, gardening, floral arranging, history, decorating, design, and collecting.

I live in downtown Farmington, NH, in a wonderful house built in 1870, that my husband and I are making a home. I’m an visual and sculptural artist with little formal training that is living out his dream of being an artist and poet.

My painting and drawing often pull from impressionist, expressionist, abstract, cubist, and surrealist movements. Much of my work work pulls directly from real life. It tends to be bright and colorful. I usually choose to use bold colors and large strokes or marks, which create a sense of movement. I tend to use, acrylic, chalk, pencil and oil pastel, for most of my work, but I also work with watercolors, ink, and markers. I love collage and mixed media. I don’t often follow conventional modes of painting, drawing, and sculpture. It is important to me that my pieces bring out feeling; I really don’t care if they represent a recognizable, tangible form in our realm. Art is about exploring yourself and showing others how you perceive the world. It is about inviting other people into parts of your mind and memory, that normally can’t be seen.

Half of my writing tends to pull from my family and my observations from childhood and my teen years in the South. The other half generally covers social ills, social justice, and past and current social and political topics. Sometimes love and friendship makes an appearance, as does my love of nature and our host and mother, Earth.

My other creative outlets are gardening, hand crafting, photography, historical research and archiving, and web design. My local activities include: Art Esprit and several local Poet & Writer Projects. I maintain active involvement with the Farmington Democrats and I am Chair of the Tri Town Dems, but my heart is with NH Progressives, the NH Greens, and NH DSA . I was the Chair of the Farmington Community Gardens for five years. I have been an Officer of the Friends of the Goodwin Library for many years; I love libraries. I am currently the Curator of the Farmington Historical Society & FHS Museum and I contribute to the Puddledock Press, our local “good news” newspaper.

Thank you for stopping by.

Kyle Leach