Web Design

I created websites for and administer: the Puddelodock Press, the Museum of Farmington NH History, NH Progressives, Out Left, the Farmington Community Gardens, the Milton NH Dems, the New Durham Democrats, the amazing Six Chix illustrators, and the poet, singer, and musician Pat O’Brien. I wrote and provided content for NH Progressives(five years), Out Left(eight years), the Farmington Community Gardens(five years). I created and administer and continue to write for the Farmington Historical Society, Puddelodock Press, the Museum of Farmington NH History, and Farmington NH Democrats. This design and development work was all pro bono. I do not publish my professional client list and I do not take clients via solicitation. Click on the bold name header for each website that is still active to go directly to the website.



The Farmington NH Community Gardens

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The Farmington Historical Society