I am an amateur photographer that has no formal training other than a high school photography class. I’ve practiced overt he years and have tried to get better cameras when I could afford them.

I focus mainly on natural subjects. Flowers, plants, landscapes, waterscapes, rockscapes, and forests and I’ve been lucky enough to capture a few animals while photographing those subjects.


Please use the subtabs in the menu system of this category to navigate to different galleries of photography. Currently you can choose between NH Autumn, NH Winter, and house & garden photos of various years.


I love documenting life and photos are just one way I accomplish that. As a curator I can tell you, after documents, more photos survive of earlier decades than anything else. They are the things we leave behind that hold the most stories that tell what it is to be human.



Whether it is a photo of new fallen snow, NH in Autumn, a cemetery or some of my house or garden photos I’m sure you will find something to your liking.