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Fall is here! Oh my!

Lots of photos to view in this set from the summer months into fall.

The annuals did well this year and the baskets and containers thrived with just the right balance of water and sun. I didn’t have to use much hose water at all. The cisterns and rain gave me almost all the water I needed this year. We chose to concentrate on lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes for food items again.

I increased the number of impatiens in the back containers again. They do so well in the shade of the back yard. I’ve just fallen in love with them! I’m going to add more next year! They were show stoppers all summer and were just damaged, not to return, in the freeze yesterday night!

We had four pairs of birds choose to nest in the back yard. A pair of cardinals in the rhododendron and a pair of robins in the wisteria. You can see the cardinal nest in the fourth photo in the slideshow above. A pair of catbirds had a brood in the large honeysuckle and finally a family of chickadees chose the house we put on the back of the garage as a home.It is the first time since we put it up that someone used it!

The new fence is completely up in the back yard now. Not only does it give me piece of mind about keeping Bram and Quince in, it is also quite beautiful. We also had the back stoop redone to reduce rot and give us better protection from rain and snow. The ferns, hosta, and under-story plantings have settled in. All the shrubs are maturing well and make the back yard feel like a secret garden getaway. The back yard is looking close to being complete. Just the section behind the garage to go!

The older, ageing fences in the front are almost all pulled out now. The front looks more open again and I’ll work on moving things to the front property line next year so they can be seen better now that the front fences are gone. we really didn’t need them any longer; the shrubs and trees have grown big enough to be barriers in their own right.

I put some impatiens to fill some of the containers in the front yard this year. Not only did they do exceptionally well, but they have the added benefit of not having to be weeded at all, unlike other containers. And to think I thought they might not like it because there was too much sun!

We planted a few new dahlia varieties this year to add to our collection. They were outrageously beautiful. Again, the right mix of sun versus rain really helped them be successful.

This is the last collection of garden photos for 2021. I hope you enjoy them all.

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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