#Abstract Quilted Color #Collage #Kaleidoscope

I’m so excited to show this one to everybody! I’ve been working on this collage piece for quite a while. The squares are one inch by one inch, so you have to give yourself ample breaks to keep yourself sane while working!

I started with a waterfall canvas and glued a kaleidoscope color test from my high school art classes. I always wanted to repurpose it, but never found the right thing until now. It was tricky to get the large kaleidoscope square centered on the canvas so I could start. I needed to make sure that it was perfected placed so when I began to cover the entire canvas with another layer, the one inch by one inch pieces would start and stop where I needed them to. Lots of measuring in each direction.

Next was the slow, but rewarding part. Little by little I started at one corner and began to glue each once inch square to the layer underneath. I chose very bright colors, and hues for each color that lean toward the pastel end of the spectrum. What’s behind each piece filters through to the top layer.

I still have a few squares I need to correct an error with, but that work should be very simple. I also need to put a top finishing coat on the entire piece, so it is completely protected from light and damage.

It will hang from one corner, at an angle. So while viewing it the canvas will look like a suspended diamond shape and the squares will be tilted at an angle, which adds to the look of the piece.

I’m really happy with this one!

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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