#Late Spring Through #Summer 2022 #FarmingtonNH #Garden Update Part One

I am tardy in getting the garden photos for this year out. It has been a brilliant year for gardening so far. Everything has been fairly easy to tend to and culling back the garden to prepare for less bending and tending has paid off. I’ve been able to step back and simply exist in and enjoy the garden.

All of these photos were taken in mid to late spring to early summer. We’ve had more critters in the garden than ever before. Thankfully, no pests though this year; I’ll thank the spiders of all types that have flourished and chosen to spawn in the yard for that. The honey bees are back, which simply means someone downtown has a thriving hive again, but it has been really nice to see them again.

We had catbirds, two pairs of robins, a pair of doves, and waxwings nest in the garden this year. We had a couple of pairs of cardinals looking to nest, but ultimately we were passed on for a better space somewhere else. We loved watching them grow up and become fledglings and then leave for there own lives. With so many birds nesting in the yard I think they also helped to thin the pest insects to the point where we didn’t notice them at all. We think the robins ate every mountain ash caterpillar as they emerged. It is the first time since we planted the mountain ash that we didn’t have entire sections of the ash canopy missing from the voracious caterpillars feeding.

The clover seed that we are seeding the yard with right now must have an adaptation that is not normally present. We’ve found many, many four leaf clovers in the lawn. Too many to just be coincidence. We’ll take the luck anyhow! Part two of the garden photos coming soon.

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.