Bram & Quince Pup Update

Bram & Quince are doing very well! They have adjusted to life here in the North. They have their daily routines and recognize each one. They are at the point where after being with us for about half a year they feel they will be with us and we are their family and the house is their home.

We are still in contact with their awesome foster mom in GA. We give her updates and share photos with her and in turn she shares those with the others in her adoption network. The ground work she built with them during her care we have been able to build on, quickly, to make them successful.

They are more confident and know what they want. Their personalities are out. They are generally relaxed. Well, unless they are running up or down all our stairs or play sparring with each other. Then they are little whirlwinds with boundless energy!

The cooler weather doesn’t phase them at all anymore. They still aren’t fond of rain. We are so curious to see what they think of snow! Lots of snow! They do really love to sun themselves in the back yard, always sitting on chairs facing into the sun, and love to take cuddle naps with either of us during the day. They still like to do almost everything together.

They are being really good boys! We love every second of watching them grow up!

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Author: Kyle

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