Meet Quince & Bram!

Quince & Bram

Quince & Bram, two very young and very bonded little boys, who headed from GA to ME met Stan and Kyle early last week. Stan and Kyle get to be their new dads!

Quince is about two years old and Bram is only a year old. These two little guys were left at a GA Animal Control after their owner died, suddenly, and they were so terrified. We have learned that they probably never saw the world outside their home, so everything was very frightening for them at first.

They had an awesome foster mom, before their trip up to New England! She helped them in building so much confidence in her home and they had plenty of other little dogs to play with there.

They remain very bonded and we would never have not adopted them together!

They did really well their first week. They have adapted to the cooler weather and are enjoying their walks. They are both eating well. At first they were waking half way through the night, but they are now sleeping through each night. They are learning the new cycles and just generally being good boys!

We are so happy and so very excited to give them a home!

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