#NH #Autumn #Photography Galleries

Fall Double Screenshotscreenshot-photos.google.com-2018.10.17-10-44-41 NH’s Autumn is one of the many reasons I fell in love with this area of the United States. The slightly warm days, cool, crisp temperatures in the evening, and the slow motion fireworks show from all our trees, make this place a dreamscape for more than a month each year. Every year is so different from the last, I don’t understand how anyone could grow bored of this season.

Most of you know I love photography, especially nature photography, and though my own photography skills are at an amateur level, I adore trying to capture some of the fleeting color show, the dance of light and dark, the tug of life and death, happening all around us this time of year. Continue reading “#NH #Autumn #Photography Galleries”

Late #Spring #Garden # Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH

I’m trying to catch up with all the garden photos I’ve taken so far this year. This set is mid to late spring. Most are shot in our gardens, but a few are from other places around town. Hopefully you will find them as rewarding to view, as I have in planting and taking care of them. Continue reading “Late #Spring #Garden # Flowers 2018 #FarmingtonNH”

Falling in Love With #Fall #Foliage Impression #Paintings


These two pieces are favorites right now. They look even better in person! If you came to the local show, you already had a chance to see them then, but for everyone else this is your first look at them. Lots of layers, impressions, stamping, and rich autumn colors. I chose a set of simple, unvarnished, natural wood frames for them. I think they compliment them without distracting from them. Enjoy!

#NH #Garden #Flowers Mid #Summer #Gallery

Mid summer, here in New Hampshire, is when the garden has some of the best displays. As the heat of mid to late summer moves in it is hard to keep everything in bloom.  This is when I tend to give extra water to everything and with my annuals I try to feed them a couple of times a month to keep blooms coming. We’ve continued to have large afternoon down pours this year, much like the south, which has helped with the watering schedule tremendously. I hope you enjoy the gallery! Continue reading “#NH #Garden #Flowers Mid #Summer #Gallery”

Early Spring Garden Photos 2017

Spring is finally underway here in New Hampshire! Lots of tulips are up and most of the early bloomers are strutting their stuff in the garden. Enjoy the photos! Continue reading “Early Spring Garden Photos 2017”

Lungs Of A City-Joel Meyerowitz Photography Collection

“Meyerowitz’s “Legacy: The Preservation of Wilderness In New York City Parks” debuted to rave reviews in late 2009. LIFE.com recently resurrected the images, which paint a hauntingly still, vibrantly lush portrait of America’s bustling metropolis.” Huffington Post

To View More Of His Collection:

Book Review-The Happiness Tree: Celebrating the Gifts of Trees We Treasure

Andrea Alban and artist Lisa Burnett Bossi

I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Andrea Alban, after she visited the Happiness Tree Decor site last year. She had been cyber searching her children’s book, The Happiness Tree, and had run across my site in the process. I had seen the book cover for her book many times, while doing searches for my own site rankings, so I was already aware that the book existed. Unfortunately, I had done a disservice to myself, by not looking more closely at what this little book holds inside. The old adage that you should not judge a book by the cover, or age category in this case, very much applies.
Luckily, Andrea sent me a copy of the book. I started to read it with my adoptive niece and nephew in mind, but ultimately the contents the book made me fall in love with it myself. The story is soulful and weaves a tale of community, stewardship, courage, and hope. The illustrations, by Lisa Burnett Bossi, give that spirit visual form with abundant prismatic flair and a subtle alchemy of organic movement and elemental pattern. The art is free and playful, but purposeful, with tremendous symbolic imagery packed into each page. 
In essence the story is about the wild web of life, but the true genius it holds comes from the exploration of how we are part of that web and how each of us has a part to play. Without being dictatorial or clinical, The Happiness Tree gives youngsters a template for being a good person throughout their lives, by showing them how they are the caretakers of of our future, how they are connected to that future through the natural world, all the cycles of life, and each other. Everything has a purpose, everything has a time.
I’ve held off doing this review until this very month for good reason. Spring is upon us. The cycle of life is to begin again. April is the one month of the year when the Earth, and all living things on it, are in the sights of our collective mind. Earth Day is eight days from now and National Arbor Day is the last Friday of this month. Most states in the union will celebrate their own Earth Days and Arbor Days before the end of April. If you are looking for a gift for child in you life, I’d pick up a copy of  Andrea Alban’s & Lisa Burnett Bossi’s  The Happiness Tree and plan to plant a tree with them.You couldn’t get a better gift for them or build a better memory. You can get the book at from your local independent bookstore, here, or from Amazon.com .