Bram & Quince In Their #FarmingtonNH Groove – #Photos

It is well past time for another Bram and Quince update! They are doing so very well. We are so very proud of them! This set of photos is from early spring through summer.

They still do everything together. We are fairly certain that will never change.

They’ve had their second set of interactions with our closest friends. They all went very well, considering socialization has been challenging with an ongoing pandemic. The visit we are most proud of is the one with A&A. We took them to their house in Wolfeboro and spent the whole time on the deck. They had to get used to their canine cousin, who was on the outside of the deck. They could interact through the deck fence, but not physically interact with their cousin. It was a great learning experience for them. They needed to be at someone else’s house and be with another dog!

They have always been good about putting on their flea and tick meds and taking their heartworm meds. The first year we had them we were going to vaccinations, chekups, etc we were just having their nails cut at Broadview when they needed it. We had not attempted to trim their nails on our own. Our apprehension to try was unfounded, and I think transferred from how difficult Nick and Katie could be when they each needed their nails trimmed while they were alive. Bram and Quince were great in every way. No problems at all . I held them and Stan trimmed the nails. It was so easy!

They’ve been enjoying the warm weather and sunny days. They love laying on the chairs in the back yard and sunning themselves on the back porch. Bram will lay on the grass, but we have yet to see Quince do that. Quince gets pretty pissed off if their is no sun. He will literally go out , look are and see there is no sun, run back up on the porch, and ask to go back in. It’s hilarious!

They don’t engage much with the dogs next door through the back fence very much any more and rarely take any notice of the neighbors being outside. When we do have thunderstorms they aren’t nearly as upset by thunder as the used to be. Fireworks are a different story, but thankfully, except for the weeks close to July fourth there have not been a lot of those going off.

They are really good about listening to us outside. When all the birds in the garden had fledglings they learned very quickly to leave them alone when we asked. We also had a rat that was living under the garage that would often spend time in the back yard. It was harder to get them to leave it alone, but that won’t be a problem any longer. An owl or cat found it and released it from its mortal coil.

Of the photos below my favorite of Quince is where he is sitting on the small, grey mat wagging his tail. My favorite of Bram is the first one where he is sitting on the sofa supervising me cleaning the livingroom and folding laundry. The look on his face is so on brand for him. ” You may take my picture and then continuing cleaning daddy,” is what is says. My favorite photo of them together is the one I used as the header.

They take a nap with me each day and still love to cuddle with both of us. They find new ways to make us laugh all the time. It never gets old seeing their tails wag with happiness every time we come into a room they are in.

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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