#MixedMedia Tribute #Portrait #WaterColor & Acrylic

This one is a test subject. I want to get back into doing some portraiture. I haven’t done any portraits since I was in school, so my skills for capturing human subtlety is somewhat atrophied. I wanted to start with someone I liked, but who was not a personal favorite of mine or a direct inspiration for me. I certainly didn’t want to do someone I knew well. I had created this watercolor background around the time of David Bowie’s death and it reminded me of Bowie.

It makes me think of a nebula. Vast. Alien. Enigmatic. Continue reading “#MixedMedia Tribute #Portrait #WaterColor & Acrylic”

Dizzying Panoramas Of Stars In Motion Will Leave You Breathless


 “While experimenting with different photography tricks and techniques back in 2012, I was shooting 360 degree panoramas in the daytime and long exposures of the stars streaking in the sky at night. It suddenly became clear that the potential to combine the two techniques could be a trip,”  Vincent Brady

Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth In the Next Few Years

It might only last for a few weeks, but we might be able to witness a celestial even that doesn’t come around too often. We may be able to see a sister star, along with our own, if Betelgeuse, one of the night sky’s brightest stars, continues to loose mass, collapses, and goes super-nova. That event would pretty much dwarf everything I’ve ever seen in the sky with my own eyes. Scientists aren’t sure exactly when it would happen and the star’s explosion could also cause a neutron star or result in the formation of a black hole, but it sounds like they are leaning toward  Betelgeuse continuing to loose mass and eventually going super-nova.