#Video Timelapse Under The Namibian Sky

“Under the Namibian Sky” is 250 hours of night exposures condensed into a 13-minute movie, which was shot & posted to YouTube by Lorenzo Comolli and his team November 2011.

We recommend watching this video at FULL SCREEN (1080p), with audio on. The night sky of Namibia is one of the best in the world, about the same quality of the deserts of Chile and Australia. This 13 min video contains about 250 hours of actual exposures, gathered at Tivoli Farm, Namibia, during 10 perfectly cloudless nights. Any comment is welcome. More info and video on: http://www.astrosurf.com/comolli/inde… Contact: comolli@libero.it

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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