May 2022 Bram & Quince Pup Update

Bram & Quince - Two Adorable Chi Faces Looking Into Camera Standing Facing Each Other On Rug 2022 Quince, On Left & Bram, On Right.

Bram & Quince are quite the pair! They have not only adjusted to life here in the North, but have acclimated to our winter much more quickly than I imagined. Rain is challenging with both of them, as is wind. Quince doesn’t like to get his paws wet and getting too wet makes Bram cold, but he is the trooper of the two. Winds just get a “hell to the no” from both of them.

Quince is three now and Bram is two. They are more boisterous, confident, and fun loving now. They are generally playing when they aren’t sleeping. They love to cuddle up under a blanket during naps, chew nylabones, and be with us. Bram’s favorite toy is a small fluffy squirrel and Quince’s favorite toy is a plush octopus.

I don’t think a camera can take a bad photo of them! They are such hams! Really, you have no idea.

They are both too cute for words. Quince snores when he sleeps and burps when you pet him after he eats. He is like a football player most of the time, and he is built like one, but man he is fast once he builds up speed. Bram talks and talks and talks. Most of the time he sounds like a pissed off Ewok. We say he is reporting back to the Jedi council. Bram also has some serious Crouching Tiger moves, though Quince is swiftly trying to catch up to him.

They still prefer to do everything together, but they have gotten used to the fact that sometimes they need to be apart. We had a scare with Bram a few months ago where he just wasn’t acting himself. So, Stan took Bram to Broadview to get checked out and run tests. That meant Quince needed to stay with me. It was the first time they had to be apart for more than five or ten minutes. Quince adapted pretty well. Bram was fine in a day or two, by the way. We still don’t know what was wrong. The doctor said he was the perfect picture of health!

They push boundaries now. Though they are generally very good, but they feel comfortable enough now to be naughty every so often. They make us laugh all the time even when they are naughty!

They are at the point where after being with us for about a year they feel they will be with us always, and we are their pack, and the house is their home, and we couldn’t imagine life without them.

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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