A Healthy Dose Of #Holiday Happiness


Fall is well underway and it’s almost time for holiday bustle to begin. I’ve put together this post of my cornucopia, baskets, and trees to help find a little something for a holiday centerpiece or a small tabletop decoration you might need to brighten up your fall or winter season.

Each decor piece is given a unique name and number, which is printed on a small card, that marks the authenticity of the piece. Though some may appear similar in color or content to another, each represents itself differently. If you would like a Happiness Tree with a special design, base, or color palette, contact me and we can discuss options. Many of these pieces have ribbons and bows attached to them, for decorative purposes, but many of the ribbons or bows have been removed for clarity in the photos below. The decor can be displayed with or without the decorative ribbons and bows.

Happiness Trees are handmade wax floral arrangements which can be used for almost any occasion. From weddings, to centerpieces for the holidays, there is not an event for which these arrangements cannot be tailored. Miniature wax fruit floral arrangement is a non mechanized process in which handmade, modeling clay dough, is low-fired and the resulting fruit base is is wax dipped, by hand, then arranged and combined with other materials to form a truly unusual form of floral art. This beautiful tradition was passed down from my grandmother to me. They are somewhat fragile, especially during handling, but can last for decades.

Happiness Trees and Happiness Topiaries are priced between $55 for small trees and topiaries and $150 for larger trees or topiaries. Happiness Tree Baskets are priced between $10 for small baskets to $35 for very large baskets. Other Happiness Tree items are harder to give a price range for, but it is safe to say most are priced between $10 to $40.

These items may be purchased at shows or when I have them in shops. These items may be picked up or I may deliver them if you are close enough. These items cannot be shipped. Please contact me via message or e-mail me at hptreedecor@metrocast.net if you are interested in buying one of these unique items. I accept local payments via cash, transfers (I use Zelle), PayPal Payments, and credit card transactions.


Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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