Copenhagen Philharmonic Flash Mob

4 thoughts on “Copenhagen Philharmonic Flash Mob

  1. That was marvellous, Kyle. So different from the usual 'flash mobs' – which I also love.
    Pity that the work has been so derided that it's 'fashionable' to dismiss it, not least by the composer himself. Even like in this grossly truncated version (the video shortened too, I reckon) I still find the piece hypnotic and never boring. It's a bit of fun – and there's nothing wrong with that!


  2. David, I'm sure you can find one if you simply do a search in your area. They are more common in metro areas, but you never know.

    Hey Ken, yes I loved that too.

    Ray, it was different. Hypnotic is a good word to describe it. Fun, most certainly. We need much more of that! 🙂


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