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The Happiness Tree Decor booth has been up for a month now and I’ve received a lot of accolades for my work. That hasn’t really translated into sales yet, but I’m hopeful that will change over the next two months as we move into the holiday season full swing. I’m keeping my expectations very low; most of the nation is near depression status at this point, so discretionary spending is low, especially on non essential items and services. Take a look at the items in the booth in the photos below. Enjoy!

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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  1. Hey there Steven! I can ship the wreathes or artwork(though the cost makes it prohibitive for most), but the Happiness Trees, Baskets, Topiaries, etc. are too fragile to sent via mail. They'd never make it to you in one piece.

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