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The house is fully decorated; I started early and had most of the house decorated just after Thanksgiving. Though much of the house stays the same in the way I decorate it, the house never looks exactly the same. I shift decorations to different trees and switch decor into different positions. Every five years or so I update the outdoor wreaths. I make new wreaths and swags each year and some end up as house decorations.

In the gallery below you will find several things that are different from previous years. The tree in the studio is completely different and the tree in our dining room I did a little differently this year.

We’d normally spend tonight in Dover with friends at their annual Solstice Party, but with the pup issues we’ll need to forgo that this year. I’m making us a Solstice dinner tonight. Vegetarian stroganoff, with fresh baked bread, and mixed veggies. We also just made banana nut eggnog muffins for dessert. Holiday movies will round out our solstice celebration with A Christmas Horror Story, a four story collection, starting the movie portion of the evening. How could watching misinformed people invoke Krampus and Santa slaying zombie elves be a bad time?

Hope everyone is having a Happy Holiday Season so far & a will have Super Solstice tonight!

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Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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