Go Back In Time- At The #Museum Of #Farmington #History

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This post contains the online collection and archive information for The Museum Of Farmington History.  I am the curator there as many of you know. Right now the online museum has a small representation of what we have available in the full collection, but as time goes on, many more items are being added at regular intervals. We have thousands of items to put in, so it will take quite some time. It will also take additional time to build exhibits and weave together the stories from people in town.

Back in time giphy-downsized-large.gifSome of the items in the museum collection belong to other organizations and are cataloged as such. There is a section to contribute images or remembrances to the collection, so everyone in town can participate in some way. Some items in the digital collection do not exist in the physical collection, but have been donated as digital records for the archive. Please consider visiting the Farmington NH Historical Society website to view past and current events sponsored by the society.


Go Back Image Credit Feliks Tomasz Konczakowski


Back in time giphy-downsized-large.gif

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