#Dazzling #Digital #Art #Archiving

Being in the digital realm is now standard for any institution, big or small. Sharing online and adding to the collective is part of life. It has drawbacks, like anything, but has many more positive aspects. It can bring us closer, can allow us to transcend location, and physical limitations and minimizes some financial hurdles. Digital collections allow us to learn from anywhere about anything that has been added. Most museums, libraries, and historical societies are bringing there digital collections to the forefront and many have started to make things they digitize freely available for anyone to peruse, read, download, and sometimes reuse those resources. Below I’ve added some of  the great digital collections I’ve come across.
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Available Online: Rare Color Photos From The Great Depression

There are 1,600 rare Great Depression era pictures now available online at the Library of Congress. The photos, which are in color, “depict small town life, industry and recreational activities during the Great Depression.” Check out the whole assortment at the first link or a choice few at the HuffPost link.