2020 – A Humbling, #Winter #Holiday Season

This year has not been like other years. It’s been a long humbling year, if you care about people. It’s reasonable that the holiday season at the end of the 2020 year was also not going to be like other years either.

I started decorating the house late this year. I had most of the house decorated just after Thanksgiving & the Native American Heritage weekend. It was a little hard to get motivated, as our celebrations will really consist of just the two of us and my energy is a bit low anyhow.

The house won’t be seen by another living soul, because of Covid-19, and the pandemic weighs heavily on my mind. More human beings have died from Covid-19 in the US than all the US service members deaths of WWII! That sets a somber tone for the season.

Too many people refuse to wear masks and social distance and too many continue to make other selfish choices and often many of the most vulnerable populations in the US don’t have any choices or safety net at all. The “leaders” in this nation continue to do nothing for our people. No other industrialized nation in the world is doing so little for their people. It’s atrocious. Ebenezer Scrooge would be very proud! The cruelty is obviously the purpose.

I’m going to miss going to Dover to be with our friends for their annual Solstice Party. We’ll have our own Solstice Celebration at home, alone, but it won’t be the same. We’re also going to miss not being able to go to our adoptive family Christmas Eve get together. It is best for everyone to stay in their pods. I want everyone in our chosen family to still be around to celebrate many more holidays!

It is our first holiday season without our Greyhound companion Katie. It is hard to believe she has been gone almost a year now. We’ll still miss her very much, as does Nick.

Hope everyone is having a good Holiday Season so far, & will have a Super Solstice, & a wonderful New Year celebration, given our circumstances!

In the slideshow gallery below you will not find many things that are different from previous years, but if you haven’t seen the decorations before, give it a go!

  • Jill ornaments.
  • Ornaments S & E

Author: Kyle

Kyle Leach is an Artist, Poet, Blogger, Gardener, Museum Curator, & Community Activist.

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